Goals to accomplish before the New Year

Want to check off a few more goals before the New Year? Here are some doable goals you should be adding to your goal checklist before 2021! 


LEARN SOMETHING NEW- It’s never too late to learn something new! Try cooking a new recipe, bake a festive dessert, try a brand new workout class or master a new craft!


GATHER YOUR FAMILY RECIPES This is something fun the whole family can do together! Find your favorite recipes and create a cookbook that is full of your family’s heritage, just in time for the holidays.


TAKE A PICTURE A DAY- Why not end this crazy year by taking a picture of something you love every day! It can be a keepsake to remind yourself that there is always something to be grateful for. 


PLAN A TRIP- It doesn’t have to be far. Plan a trip to your nearest park and have a picnic. Or take a hike somewhere close to home that you’ve never been to before. 


INDULGE IN LIFE’S LITTLE PLEASURES- Eat the ice cream, spend time relaxing with family and friends, take a bike ride, get the massage, read a book or call someone you love.


ORGANIZE- Why not start the New Year feeling organized! Sort through your junk drawer (I know we all have one), donate clothes you don’t wear anymore or organize old documents. 


MEDITATE OR PRAY FOR 10 MINUTES A DAY- This is such a great way to remind yourself how wonderful life truly is. Drown out the negative noise for 10 minutes and remember how blessed you are. 


BE KIND TO YOURSELF AND OTHERS- We know this year has been hard. The best thing you can do for yourself and others is to offer kindness. Everyone has their own hidden struggles, so be quick to offer a smile, a wave, maybe buy someone’s coffee or compliment a stranger’s cute outfit. Kindness goes a long way.